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What People Have To Say About Our Dogs


Thank you so much it's so nice to have a breeder like you who truly cares for her puppies and the families who will take them.

Thank you again for giving us this wonderful cute little puppy Daisy.

We'll keep sending you a few updates as she keeps growing.

All the best till next time the Rufo family.

 We bought our wonderful yellow lab puppy, Reese from you Anita back in May. She has been so sweet and gentle!!! She is so smart and is wonderful with our three young daughters. She really is our fourth girl! She has grown so much and now weighs 70 pounds. She is really beautiful and is welcoming to everyone who comes to our farm. We put up invisible fencing to keep her safe and she has done so well with it. We live on a dairy farm and we often walk her to our barn where she is very well behaved. Both my husband and I grew up with dogs and we both know what a special and smart dog she is. She is very relaxed and such a good listener. From now on we will only ever have labs from you Anita. You truly breed amazing and beautiful dogs!

With much appreciation,

Jeff, Julie, Eva, Hannah, Bella and Reese Sayles

I just wanted to send you a little update on how Frankie is. He just turned one on January 23, 2015, however, he still believes that he is a puppy. He is the most interesting and hilarious dog I have ever met. He loves to play in the snow and do his high speed laps around the background. During the summer, he enjoyed floating around our pool on a floaty and sun tanning on the deck. He always has to have his naps laying on someone or cuddled up to someone. If we are outside, and he sees someone, he believes that they have to pet him and he won’t leave them alone until they do. He tries his best to communicate with us when he wants or needs something by using his own weird language. If he is in trouble or doing something bad, and you tell him that he is doing something bad, he will voice his own opinion about the situation, which is so funny. To me, Frankie is most unique and best dog ever, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I will attach some pictures of Frankie for you.

Thanks for the amazing dog,

Aimee Patterson



Here is a link for publicity for one of my Pugs. Here name is Karma and she was shown with her owner at a big pool place for dogs. Here is a link of the TV news in Kitchener. http://kitchener.ctvnew.ca/video?clipld=434810

More of Karma winning first prize in a show:

I just wanted to send you another photo of Karma. She and Chelsea (my daughter) entered a dog show today and they won #1 Puppy. That took her to the "Best in Show", class which she also won! I over heard the judges (a vet, and teacher at Guelph Vet School, and someone involved with the group who hosted the day. Canadian Animal Assistant Team) talking and they were SO impressed with her manner and behavior!  What a great day, and what a great pup!

A picture below will show the prize for "Best in Show", over $400. worth of dog toys,treats and products. she is in the middle of the pool with all the stuff around her.Also picture of Karma with Chelsea with her ribbon.

Thank you Anita!

Robbyn, Chelsea and Karma


     My husband and I purchased a purebred yellow lab from Anita at Puppy Love Kennels in April 2010, who we named Gunner.  Gunner easily learned basic commands very quickly and at 7 months of age and 65 pounds, he is growing up to be a beautiful and intelligent dog.  We are very happy with him, has quite a personality and our whole family just love him.  Gunner is a very healthy and has very good social skills according to our local veterinary clinic.  He is also very good in his crate and hardly ever barks.  He loves to play catch, going on long walks and sits at every corner on his own.  Anita is very knowledgeable and kind.  We would not hesitate in recommending her to purchase your pet from.

Bud and Diane Blackmore

     I acquired a pug puppy from Anita Depatie in May 2010. The puppy's name is Ozzie and I must say he is the most friendly, loving and charismatic dog we have ever had ( we had a pug before Ozzie, and before that a miniature pin ). He was very easily house trained and even though I shouldn't encourage him he sleeps in bed with me. Ozzie is very people friendly and especially fond of children( he plays soccer with them in the park). Unfortunately I have no photographs to display of Ozzie but I can be reached at email address sunsetinbarbados@rogers.com for any further information needed.

Yours truly
Karen E. Prinz

     I just wanted you to know that yoda is doing very well, happy and healthy. She is 22 pounds now, not at all fat but taller then our last pug. she gets along very well with the grandchildren [2 - 8].  She was very easy to train and still sleeps in her crate, she walks into it every night with no problem. She hasn't had the opportunity to be around any other animals but I have no doubt she'd be fine. Yoda loves her play toys, especially the squeaky toys. She seldom barks and by no means is she a yappy dog.  If anyone would like our email address for a reference, we have no problem giving a reference.  Email us at: bbraund@rogers.com

Bob  and Vicki

      I am writing this letter in recommendation of Anita Depatie from whom I purchased a pure bred Pug from in March 2010. Anita was extremely helpful in answering my multiple questions I had about the Pug breed and led to my purchase of Coach.  Coach is now 8 months old and has been in our house for 6 months. He made a very successful transition into our household which consisted of two existing cat’s aged 10 and 6. After a few weeks of adapting Coach now gets along very well with them. He is very playful with them, yet calm.  When I brought Coach home he was extremely well behaved in his cage. He slept through the nights without kicking up any kind of fuss and did not do any barking or whining. When it was time for him to go the bathroom he would go out and adapted to the use of the lawn right away. Even up to now he is not much of a barker compared to other dogs we have had in the past.  When Coach approaches other animals whether they are big or small, he is sometimes timid and shy. He approaches gently and carefully and when he feels comfortable will begin to sniff. He has never once been aggressive or growled at another animal. Coach is always very friendly and willing to play with other dogs in the park. If children approach him in the park he is very gentle with them as well. He does not force himself on them and instead sniffs and is playful.  Shortly after getting Coach we took him to the veterinarian’s for a check up and was given a clean bill of health and the veterinarian commented on what excellent shape and health he was is. Up to now Coach has grown rapidly into a lean and muscular pug.  

 Sincerely, Deanna Parry

      Sunny is doing great. She is a very smart dog. She knows when she has done something wrong. And loves a lot of attention. She is a ball of energy! She loves to swim. And gets along very well with people and other dogs.     She loves kids but doesn't quite know what they are yet or how fragile they are since she is not around kids very often.  Sunny is very good with my mother-in law as well. We have always been very strict with her about biting since the day we brought her home. I am very happy with my choice of a yellow lab and I don't second guess myself on choice of dog for one moment. I love Sunny and enjoy spending time with her. She brightens up our day.

Ruth Vrugteveen

We purchased our puppy from you 4 months ago and I just wanted to send some pic's of him. We named him Bauer and all though we didn't get to pick, because he was the last one left, I'm glad you saved the best for last. He truly is an awesome and smart dog, we love him so much!!!
Jennifer and Brent Rupert


      He is certainly a water dog! We don't know if it is because he needs the cool down in this hot summer or just because he is a lab. But we have had him in my aunt's pool, the lake when we were camping and we have a little make shift pool for him in our backyard that he loves to go into and search for toys underwater or just splash and chase his tail. We're attaching a few pictures of his water action. The housetraining has continued to be successful and he is still very comfortable in his crate. We are up to about 20 minutes on a good paced walk and he loves it.

Talk soon.
Thanks again for everything you did with Harvey to make him into such a well adjusted lab,
Kate and Jason Belfry

      I purchased a female purebred pug from Anita Depatie in January 2010, as a 30th birthday gift to myself.  Anita was especially supportive in answering my many questions I had about this breed and also my concerns of the prevalence and risks of umbilical hernias in pugs.  Daisy is now two and a half years old and has been a part of my life since she was just 7 weeks old.  When I first brought Daisy home, she was so guarded and unsure of her new surroundings, as any new animal would be, checking everything out and sniffing every little thing in her path.  She has made a successful transition into my home (and found her way to my heart).  Once adjusted to her crate, the only time she whined in there was if her tummy was bothering her, or when she needed to pee first thing in the morning or when I returned home.  She was crated for the first year, and even though I shouldn’t have encouraged it, she now lounges on the couch or in the bed with me.  She does seem to be needy, always wanting to be on my lap on the couch or in the bed, but I think it’s just that she enjoys cuddles.  Daisy does not enjoy being in the water much – hates bath time, avoids puddles (she literally puddle jumps) whenever possible.  Although Daisy does not get to interact with other dogs much in the way of dog parks, she is always very friendly, loving and cuddly dog.  When other dogs approach her, she tends to be a little shy and unsure (especially if they are bigger dogs), but then when she is ready, she does eventually sniff them just to say hello.  If children and/or even adults come up to us on the street, Daisy is gentle and sometimes cautious, but excited just the same.  Athough I didn’t get to pick her because she was the last female left in the litter, I am truly blessed and thankful you saved the best for last.  Daisy is an awesome dog and is quite the character. and never stingy on the cuddles and constant kisses.  I love her so much!

Ashley Macdonell

My name is Gail Waldron, when I first spoke to Anita I was looking for a yellow lab female
and as it turned out my Macy was the only girl out of the litter.
I was so excited and could hardly wait to get her. She was only
a week old and It was the longest wait ever to get her. Anita sent
me pictures every week and gave me an update as to how she
was doing. Finally it was time to get her it was love at first sight. She on
was just beautiful and Anita was just wonderful. Healthy buddle of
joy. I have stayed in touch with Anita giving her updates and pics
of Macy as she was growing up. Macy is a well balance loyal loving
Lab I just love her so much. Can't thank you enough Anita.
some pics of Macy's first year.

Gail Waldron

My boyfriend, Marcus and I bought a puppy from you almost 8 months ago now. We named hm Nico, and though we may be biased, he is the most beautiful Lab puppy we know!

We wanted to let you know that he is doing well and show you how much he has grown! He was 1 of 11 puppies in the litter, Misty's first litter. His dad is Boris.

How is the little runt of his litter doing, she was a feisty little thing.

Thank you for breeding such a great breed. We love our Lab.


Marcus & Kayla

Hello Anita
Hope you are all weel. Just a little update. Buster is a really happy dog. A troublemaker but in a good way. The karate kids love him and he loves everyone much more. He's 94 lbs now and he's a great dog everyone comments on how beautiful he looks.
Thank you,
Vic  superkickkarate@live.ca
When our new family member, Bailey, is now approaching 9 months. I'd like to thank Anita for all her efforts to bring such an angel to our life. Anita is a great and helpful and a professional. We definitely appreciated her instructions and help during the first couple of weeks when we just had Bailey. Her excellent reputation says it all.
As for Bailey, our furry kid, he is thriving and growing fast. He's got all the good features that a Labrador should have, inherited the nice temperament from his mother and friendly father. We are just so glad to have Bailey in our family. 
Thank you Anita
Elvis and Yvonne  elvis.xu2011@gmail.com


My boyfriend and I bought a fawn pug from Anita last week. He is the most joyful pup. His name is Duke and everyday it's something different. He has his own personality and the things he does make me laugh so much my sides end up hurting. Anita made the process very easy and answered all my questions. And I had a lot of them. I'm really glad that I found Puppy Love Kennels for our first puppy. Her dogs are all very well taken care of and you can see her compassion when you meet her. And when you speak to her.
Thanks you again for blessing us with Duke and making us a family.
Brenda and James   foxy9510@hotmail.com